Due to its location at the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is strategically poise to be a hub for trade and investment for the Caribbean & Central American region.

The country has very efficient networks for shipping and distribution channels, one of the most advanced telecommunications systems in Latin America, and a solid banking sector that offers all a variety of secure financial products and service. It has an efficient transportation network, enabling expeditious and reliable cargo shipment and travel, excellent road systems, eight international airports with over 70 flights daily to and from the United States and Europe.

Further reasons to invest and do business in the DR are:

– Stable economic and political environment

– FDI Friendly environment – Open Market

– Sound legal framework for foreign investment

– One of Six to hold Trade Treaty with EC and USA / Five Trade Treaties (DR-CAFTA,EPA, ALC RD –CARICOM, ALC –RD Central America, AAP – RD PANAMA)

– Competitive, qualified/Trainable labour force

– Modern transportation infrastructure

– Advanced and reliable telecommunication infrastructure

– Supporting Industries & services, Competitive costs for doing business

– Quality Life Standards

– Developed tourism and services infrastructure

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